New Investor Access Tool: Account Aggregation

Contributed by: Nicholas Boguth Nicholas Boguth

Investor Access has just added a neat new feature to the platform that allows you to organize your accounts so that they are easier to keep track of on the website.  If you are a subscriber to Investor Access, you are now able to create groups of accounts and aggregate them to different categories.  If you are not signed up for Investor Access, now is a good time to try it. You can take advantage of this feature in many ways, but here are a few ideas and examples to help you organize your accounts:

  • Cluster accounts by account owner and/or by account type
  • Separate your cash accounts from investment accounts
  • Separate your savings accounts from your checking accounts
  • Group your retirement accounts together
  • Group your individual or trading accounts together

However you choose to use this tool, it should make managing and maintaining your accounts a little easier with better organization.

CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on how to take advantage of this new feature.

If you are not familiar with Investor Access, follow the “Investor Access” link at the top of our website to find out more.  And as always, please contact any of our Center Client Service Associates with any questions!

Nicholas Boguth is an Investment Research Associate at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.