The Center is taking on a 21 Day Challenge

Contributed by: Gerri Harmer Gerri Harmer

Not all of us have the same goals in health and wellness. So when it comes to putting together a work place program, we try to keep everyone in mind. It’s been said to permanently change a habit, you need to do it for 21 days. So starting on January 19th, The Center staff committed to making at least one new healthy habit for 21 days. Each person’s individual goal had to be a bit of a stretch but ultimately doable, with some effort! If we miss a day, we start again. We found quite a few were similar, a few very unique and some had more than one.

Our goals were gathered and posted in the kitchen. 

  • Drink 64 oz. of water a day
  • At least 15 minutes of exercise /workout at least 3x per week
  • Listen to relaxing music in the car on the way in
  • No bread products
  • No snacking between work and dinner
  • No stress eating
  • No candy/reducing sugar
  • Take vitamins
  • Pack a lunch
  • Eat less than 1,000 calories for lunch
  • Meditate 5 minutes a day
  • Make someone laugh

Maybe you can identify with one of these, or maybe they’ll inspire you to come up with your own challenge. We are having so much fun keeping each other on track or calling each other out; we’d love for you to join in, too. What habit do you want to work on for 21 days?

Gerri Harmer is a Client Service Manager at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.