Insurance Basics: An Introduction to the Importance of Having it

Contributed by: Nick Defenthaler, CFP® Nick Defenthaler

When most of us hear the word “insurance,” no matter what kind we’re referring to, facial expressions typically change in a negative way or the voice in our head loudly screams, “Ugh, I hate paying for that stuff!” We all seem to hate it, until we need it. 

Going back to basics, insurance in general is intended to shift risk from the insured (you) to an insurer (insurance company) to cover the possibility of loss from an unknown event that has the potential of occurring in the future. Sometimes we’re required by law to carry insurance, other times we realize that we would not be able to cover the cost of loss on our own if something bad happened, so we pay for insurance to cover the potential damage. 

Behaviorally, we as humans typically don’t enjoy paying for things that have a good chance of never occurring (house burning down, pre-mature death, or disability, etc.). Fair enough, I’m in the same camp.  However, insurance is a part of life and like many things in life, there are things we don’t enjoy doing or paying for. We do them and pay for them because we know it’s responsible and necessary to put ourselves and our family in a good position, no matter what life throws our way.   

As the first of a five part blog series, I’m going to touch on four of the most important types of insurances that can have the largest impact on our road to financial success:  life, disability, long-term care, and property and casualty. I will discuss each type of insurance in greater detail; I’ll review the different forms of coverage, who the coverage makes sense for, why the coverage makes sense and much more. 

Insurance is a crucial part of any financial plan. Although it may not be everyone’s favorite thing in the world, it’s absolutely necessary in most cases to make sure you’re protected when the unknown occurs.  Life happens. We’ve all seen it. When it does, we want to make sure you’re protected and still in a good financial position. 

Stay tuned!

Nick Defenthaler, CFP® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Center for Financial Planning, Inc. Nick is a member of The Center’s financial planning department and also works closely with Center clients. In addition, Nick is a frequent contributor to the firm’s blogs.

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