E-Signature: Fast, Easy, and Accurate

Contributed by: Melissa Parkins, CFP® Melissa Parkins

Raymond James has recently partnered with DocuSign, so we are now able to send most documents to you for an electronic signature. No more printing, signing, and scanning forms back to us – it can now all be done online! The only requirements are an email address and a text-enabled phone to receive an authentication code needed to access the forms for electronic signature.

Here are the steps to use this new feature:

  • You will receive an email from us alerting you that a document is awaiting your signature. Click View Documents to begin.
  • In the browser window that opens, verify that the phone number shown for you is correct (if not, contact us), then click Send SMS to send a text message to the phone number listed with your access code.
  • Enter your access code, in your email, and click Confirm Code.
  • You will be asked to review the disclosure and select the checkbox saying you agree to use electronic signature. Click Continue.
  • Click Start to begin the signing process. You won’t be able to add, delete, or modify anything. If you do discover missing or inaccurate information, contact us.
  • When you click the first Sign or Initial tag in the document, you will be asked to adopt your signature. Choose whether you want to use a preformatted style or draw your signature in, then click Adopt and Sign to save your signature and return to the document.
  • After you are done reviewing the document, click Finish.

For a more visual guide, please visit the E-signature Resources page: http://raymondjames.com/esignature/

We hope you are as anxious to use this new feature as we are. Next time you have to sign a Raymond James document, ask us to send it to you for your E-signature so you can try it out for yourself! 

Melissa Parkins, CFP® is an Associate Financial Planner at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.