No Such Thing as too much Security!

Contributed by: Raya Chope Raya Chope

Raymond James has rolled out a new feature for Investor Access called Enhanced Authentication. This is a new, free option that allows clients to add another layer of security to Investor Access accounts.

How Enhanced Authentication Works

If you have ever logged into your Investor Access account from a new, unrecognized device you may have been prompted to answer a few security questions. This new feature replaces security questions with a one-time text message or voice call that includes an authorization code. It’s not until the code is received and entered that you’re able to gain access to your Investor Access.

How to Get Started

To enable Enhanced Authentication, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to Investor Access from a trusted device
  • Select the Account Services tab
  • Select the Password & Security sub-tab
  • Click the bubble at the bottom of the page to enable Enhanced Authentication

Once the feature is enabled, you will be prompted to choose either a mobile device or a landline from the phone numbers we have on file. If a mobile device is selected, you have the choice to receive the authentication code via text message or voice call. If a landline is selected, a voice call is the only option to receive the code. If you do not see your corresponding phone numbers or would like to add another one to our files, please contact the office.

If you’re new to Investor Access, get started by visiting our webpage and clicking on the Investor Access tab at the top.

Raya Chope is a Client Service Associate at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®