Webinar in Review Blog: Staying Safe with Best Practices

Contributed by: James Brown James Brown

In today’s technology environment, information is just a click away. Sadly, bad guys looking for your information are just a click away also. Good security practices can protect you from becoming prey while you are on the Web.

The Center for Financial Planning, Inc.® offers some best practices on how to protect your accounts and your information.

Basic Security Hygiene: (Minute 1:15)

  • Prevention
  • Updates
  • Firewalls
  • Safe Browsing

Mobile\Wireless Security: (Minute 6:50)

  • Limit your transactions
  • Make sure the network is the right network
  • ·Turn off what you are not using

Passwords: (Minute 11:10)

  • Bad Practices
  • Good Practices

Final Solution: (Minute 25:00)

  • Your Backup Plan
  • Backup best Practices

James Brown is an IT Manager at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®