Something Cool is Coming Your Way from Raymond James Investor Access!

Contributed by: Amanda Toia Amanda Toia

We would like to introduce you to Vault -- our online content management and file sharing platform available to those clients enrolled in Investor Access. This free service offers an easy way to upload secure information that you and your Financial Planner may view from any internet connected computer or mobile device. Vault fosters collaboration with easy file sharing and the ability to comment on uploaded information. It is safe, secure, and super user friendly.

While you have the ability to add virtually any document you would like stored, some of the most common items clients have placed in their Vaults are:

  • Insurance policies
  • Outside information such as your 401(k) statements
  • Tax returns

While there is a file limit of 200MB there is no storage limit, meaning you can store as many documents to your personal Vault as you want. Most file types are accepted although there are some exceptions: .exe, .bat, .pif, .pi, vbs, etc. are not currently compatible with this platform.

Both clients and planners can upload a multitude of documents that will not be deleted by Raymond James, however, you may delete any file you personally upload. There is also a file sharing feature available for authorized representatives such as your CPA, attorney, or eligible family members.

Getting started is easy. Just log in to your Investor Access account and click on the “Vault” tab. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be able to begin using this feature. If you are not using Investor Access, please sign up by visiting our webpage and click the Investor Access tab at the top to enroll.

Amanda Toia is a Registered Client Service Manager at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.