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Monitor Your Savings Bonds Through Treasury Direct

Jeanette LoPiccolo Contributed by: Jeanette LoPiccolo, CRPC®

Monitor your savings bonds through Treasury Direct

Throughout the years, savings bonds have been popular gifts. Before college savings accounts became so popular, grandparents sometimes gave bonds for birthdays, encouraging their grandchildren to save for the future. Could you have any savings bonds lying around in files or locked up in a safety deposit box?

If you have bonds that you have not looked at in years, now may be the right time to bring them into the digital age with Treasury Direct.

Recently, the U.S. Treasury stopped issuing paper bonds to save costs. Instead, you can create an online account and monitor your bonds as you would an investment account. If you use Raymond James Client Access, you can create an external link to your savings bonds account. Then, you and your financial planner can track your bonds.

In addition to preventing your bonds from being forgotten (or tossed away in a Marie Kondo cleaning frenzy), here are a few good reasons to try the online account:

  • You can cash your electronic bonds, in full or in part, at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and move the funds to a savings or checking account that you specify. You don’t need to go to a financial institution, and there are no restrictions on the number of bonds or the value that can be cashed, once minimum requirements are met.

  • Online holdings and their current values can be viewed at any time.

  • When electronic bonds reach final maturity and are no longer earning interest, they will be automatically paid to a non-interest bearing account.

The process is fairly simple. Step 1 is to locate your savings bonds. Then visit and scroll down to “How Do You Use SmartExchange?”. Follow the prompts and get started!

Jeanette LoPiccolo, CFP®, CRPC®, is an Associate Financial Planner at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.® She is a 2018 Raymond James Outstanding Branch Professional, one of three recognized nationwide.

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500 Books Donated…and counting!


The Center is just half way through our book collection drive for Rx for Reading Detroit.  I am thrilled to report that over 500 hundred books have been donated so far!  As we packed up the books to donate, we smiled to see some of our childhood favorites… remember the Hardy Boys adventures?  There were also more recently published classics like the Harry Potter series. I’m excited to know that these old and new stories will be filling the Little Libraries in Detroit soon!

When my parents recently relocated, my siblings and I were all handed a box of childhood mementos.  My mom said she could not throw them away, but the box did not make “the cut” to move to their new house.  Sound familiar to anyone?  After laughing at my childhood arts and crafts efforts, I found several books that I loved as a kid. I can’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for those stories than to share with the next generation of young readers.

We are so appreciative of the donations from clients, team members, and Center friends to this worthy charity.  If you are wondering if you can still participate, it’s not too late! We will continue collecting books through July 31st. 

If you are interested in donating, we are collecting gently used or new books, appropriate for elementary through high-school aged students. Rx for Reading Detroit is able to purchase books at a deep discount, so if you’d like to make a cash donation, please send directly to: Rx for Reading Detroit, University of Detroit Mercy, 4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221. The Little Libraries used by Rx for Reading are constructed by Center client, John Mio.  

For more information about our event, please click here: Collecting-books-for-donation-to-rx-for-reading.

Jeanette LoPiccolo, CRPC® is a Client Service Manager at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®