Investment Commentary - September 2014

Clients and Friends,

While much of our communications with you in the last few months have been about The Center’s recent move, our intensive investment focus is always present. The last few months were marked by many insightful conversations with portfolio managers and investment professionals. This reminds me that at our core, our investment process is focused on good old fashioned research whether it comes to the way we construct asset allocation mixes or how we select investments for your portfolios.

Here is some news for you from our investment team:

  • We’re more than halfway through 2014 and the financial markets have picked up where they left off last year. Not only are stocks measurably higher this year, but bonds have made a rebound with positive returns as well. We’ve got a new one-page investment dashboard that sums up the current investment world. We’ll update this one-pager each quarter going forward. Let us know what you think of the new look and feel.

  • Angie Palacios, CFP® provides a great recap of the Morningstar Investment Conference which is held in Chicago each June. This is a can’t-miss conference each year and 2014 was no exception. She includes notes about employment predictions for the US economy and focus on international as some of the key takeaways this year.

  • Our quarterly investment pulse includes recaps from four meetings held here and around Detroit and highlights the extraordinary access we’re able to get to investment professionals because of size and reputation. I particularly enjoyed a meeting with Joseph Brennan and Lee Norton from Vanguard. The discussion was broad and interesting including how Vanguard, known for their preference for indexes, identifies active investment managers for their offerings.  With several other top-notch investors giving us time for lengthy discussion, you can see the quality of discourse we are privileged to entertain.

  • Matt Chope shares insight from a conversation with one of his favorite investors – Charles de Vaulx – who is a portfolio manager with IVA.

Do you have investment-related questions for us? Please don’t hesitate to let me or your financial planner know. Thanks again for your trust and commitment to The Center for the opportunity to work with you to pursue achievement of your financial goals!

On behalf of everyone at The Center,
Melissa Joy, CFP®
Partner, Director of Wealth Management

Melissa Joy, CFP®is Partner and Director of Investments at Center for Financial Planning, Inc. In 2013, Melissa was honored by Financial Advisor magazine in the Research All Star List for the third consecutive year. In addition to her contributions to Money Centered blogs, she writes investment updates at The Center and is regularly quoted in national media publications including The Chicago Tribune, Investment News, and Morningstar Advisor.

Financial Advisor magazine's inaugural Research All Star List is based on job function of the person evaluated, fund selections and evaluation process used, study of rejected fund examples, and evaluation of challenges faced in the job and actions taken to overcome those challenges. Evaluations are independently conducted by Financial Advisor Magazine.

This material is being provided for information purposes only and is not a complete description, nor is it a recommendation. Any opinions are those of Melissa Joy and not necessarily those of Raymond James. The information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but Raymond James does not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. Investing involves risks and investors may incur a profit or a loss regardless of strategy selected.