Investment Pulse: 3Q 2017

Contributed by: Nicholas Boguth Nicholas Boguth


We’ve been busy here in the Investment Department! Check out some of our research highlights from the third quarter.

Angela Palacios, Director of Investments at The Center, attends Capital Group Advisor Forum

Angela traveled to Capital Group’s headquarters in California, to look under the hood at their investment strategies focusing on their process, people and investment outlooks.  You may know the strategies as the American Funds family. The discussion spanned from macro-economics to fixed income and equity discussions. On the macroeconomic front they discussed their recession outlook. Anne Vandenabeele, Economist, stated that expansions don’t die of old age, they die because imbalances build up in the economy or the Federal Reserve raises rates too quickly. They don’t see either of these scenarios right now. Most severe bear markets are when you have a bear market combined with a recession. While there may be a bear market in the next several years they don’t see a recession occurring at the same time. 

Clayton Shiver, Portfolio Manager at Stadion Money Management

Part of our investment process is to stay on top of investment products being offered in the marketplace. Nick Boguth met with Clayton Shiver to discuss Stadion’s alternative product platform and understand the team’s investment process. Clayton discussed their three sleeve alternative approach that included an equity, income, and trend sleeve implemented with the buying and selling of stocks and options in order to generate very different potential returns from the S&P 500 or Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index.

Matt Lamphier, Portfolio Manager at First Eagle

Matt Lamphier, director of research for the Global Value team at First Eagle Investment Management, joined us at our office for a jam-packed hour of investment updates. We discussed First Eagle’s investment process, outlook, and rationale behind their investments. Matt stressed the importance of being a value investor, and choosing companies that will outperform over the long term. One surprising statistic that Matt shared was that the average timespan of a stock in their portfolio is over 10 years!

What to expect next time…

We have a busy schedule next quarter and are looking forward to sharing highlights from our upcoming conferences including: Thornburg Investment Management, First Eagle, and Investment News.

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